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Posted by Battineni Gopi Krishna 2017-09-12

Excellent graphics excellent game play very addictive

Posted by Xion Abad 2017-09-12

Its a great game. But either combat is way too short, like 9 hits, even if the enemy isnt weak. Or too tough, and its so hard to earn Health Kits. And we cant even buy anything with gold, just treasury and for upgrades. Its almost useless, so maybe we can have more options with gold. Also graphics are pretty lame for LG K7. I know it can handle more, but just isnt to the max in this game. Also loads a long time. Question... do we get a new Base look soon. Pretty dark colors.

Posted by Steven Holland 2017-09-12

Need more original G1 bots.

Posted by Ronit K. 2017-09-12

Wow it's a great game

Posted by Carlos Reyes 2017-09-11

I'll like to see better graphics

Posted by Jacob Van Riper 2017-09-11

V. Good

Posted by Maaz Khan 2017-09-11

Nice game

Posted by Venkatarathnam Prudvi 2017-09-11

Coolest game that I have played is Transformers Forged to fight

Posted by Kenneth Smith 2017-09-10

Great game

Posted by Hugh Mcgown 2017-09-10

'Saw rite game.

Posted by Kyle Kreyling 2017-09-10

A little bit slow to get started and going but am okay game

Posted by 2017-09-10

Its a good games

Posted by Preston Havsgaard 2017-09-10

I think its a great gane but there should be voices with the charecters and there actuall voices would make it cooler

Posted by Timothy Williams 2017-09-10

Very nice love the characters

Posted by Jeremy Rucker 2017-09-10

Can't install the game now for some reason say need 460mb for extra content and I have 3 gigs please help

Posted by Kashif Qureshi 2017-09-10

Okay graphic little better

Posted by Ritu Mahour 2017-09-10

Good think

Posted by Riju Chakraborty 2017-09-10

Good one

Posted by Karen Burns 2017-09-09

It's ok but well it will not let me in the second story

Posted by Jakob Cyr 2017-09-09

No individual comments it's a good game great job

Posted by Train Conductor 2017-09-09

The game is good however slow loading is a big issue for me pls fix for 5 stars thnx dev.

Posted by Larasati Cahyanto 2017-09-09

This game is fun and has amazing graphics, it also has preety cool characters

Posted by Pengiran Anak Nyengat 2017-09-09

Great tranformers game..

Posted by ruben walls 2017-09-09

Great game for transformer fans

Posted by Adrian Jarvis 2017-09-08

Needs more ole school bots

Posted by Clinton Malan 2017-09-08

Great game loved it keep up the great work

Posted by Nathan Salgado 2017-09-08

Too much pay to win and not enough energon

Posted by Keith Contreras 2017-09-08

It lags a little but its a good game

Posted by scott burnell 2017-09-08

Fun game

Posted by Angelo Sena 2017-09-08

Well it's been about a week since launch, and have played every day so far. Definitely fun game! If you know what Contest of Champions is all about, then Forged to Fight, should pick up easily. Playing on both a Pixel XL and an Nvidia K1 tablet, the controls are nice and tight, and graphics are beautiful. I do have some concerns in regards to lag, as that would definitely hinder the gameplay especially for the PVPers. Hopefully that will get tuned as well. Other than that I look forward to some good times with this game. Now if only I can get my hands on Starscream.....

Posted by Muhd Sadik Mahalli 2017-09-08

the game is good with graphics except that getting a 4 or 3 star character is like getting cheated..

Posted by Roshni Mohite 2017-09-08


Posted by donelle delos Reyes 2017-09-08

i like the game ....

Posted by Jiminda Lucas 2017-09-07

Add predaking. He is extremely strong and his light attack would be his claws his medium would be his fist his heavy would be turning to a dragon and shooting his fireball and his range weapon would be his lava gun or his hydra cannon (missiles)

Posted by 2017-09-07

Awesome game, I love the story, and the graphics, definitely the backgrounds!But I give you 4 stars,well,because every game can always be better!

Posted by Jesse Patterson 2017-09-07

Only needs better and more diverse characters

Posted by Rusty Shaft 2017-09-07


Posted by Dion Jenkins 2017-09-07

It's a good game

Posted by 2017-09-07

This game Is really good but there are some problems like it loads very slow and little bit complex☢☣⚛:- but overall it's a good game

Posted by Fyre Guy 88 2017-09-07

Please take out 2 star bots from the premium crystals. I'm tired of wasting 100 energon just to get a 2 star bot that I already have.

Posted by Randy Spohn 2017-09-07

It is a bit dated Flash back 1984 Columbian cocaine Big house Big furniture, and even bigger hair. Still du. To plah

Posted by 2017-09-07

Takes too long to load l

Posted by 2017-09-06

Fun but a bit grindy. Even so, not as tedious.

Posted by Aries Saqsaqan-ng-pogi 2017-09-06


Posted by David Murdock 2017-09-06


Posted by Zechariah Hayes 2017-09-06

So yeah I've bought stuff on games on here before but this one particular game doesn't like to give me the sparks I need when I buy the daily deal. It give me a tier 2 spark but the daily deal says it comes with the specific spark. Bought two of these and still nothing. It's real upsetting.

Posted by 2017-09-06

It's fun with what ever match up u go with

Posted by Camaron Rye 2017-09-06

Really smooth gameplay, controls and just over all a great game, very nostalgic, really hoping I can get Bludgeon soon hes my favorite bot so far in the game besides Rhinox, also Waspinator is rad too

Posted by Dave Mac 2017-09-05

Just wish the bots were a bit more akin to the new franchise Transformers

Posted by Brad Bauer 2017-09-05

Screen won't rotate after update, makes game play difficult

Posted by 2017-09-05

Its a good game with nice graphics and nice controls too you should download this game it's a very good game

Posted by Andrew Jarrett 2017-09-05

Excellent game, brilliant but son is unable to download due to issues touched on in other reviews

Posted by Jessica Gass 2017-09-05

It's very addictive and I love to play it

Posted by Suresh Saini 2017-09-05

It works with Internet

Posted by Aloecso Yrret 2017-09-04

It's good to me lol I like the transformers

Posted by Kyle McDaniel 2017-09-04

Plz add movie shockwave as a demolition or brawler!!!! PS amazing game

Posted by Infamous Saint 2017-09-04

This game is fun, but it constantly crashes everytime I start a mission. So it makes it impossible to play. But I do hope this gets fixed soon so I can continue to play.

Posted by Eric Slack 2017-09-04

I love the game but it can have more story

Posted by Deidra L 2017-09-04

Just epic but needs more things to it

Posted by 2017-09-04

Loading slow and glitches but still a great concept..ready for the update!

Posted by Keenan Bell 2017-09-04

Great mobile fighter.

Posted by Kevin Meyer 2017-09-04

Little laggy but fantastic in all other aspects.

Posted by David Hany 2017-09-04

I loved the game so much. But PLEASE MAKE THE LOADING TIME SHORTER

Posted by Seth U. 2017-09-04

Finally works, a bit too similar to MCoC but great game.

Posted by Malcolm Gatewood 2017-09-03

Been playing since the beginning, very fun, it is difficult to get 3 star+ bots though w/o paying to play : /

Posted by Million dollar Menn 2017-09-03

Need more bots

Posted by Diego Salas 2017-09-03

I think the game is very awesome, it has the characters from the shows and movies of the transformers and it's similar to Mortal Kombat X without the fatality and all.

Posted by TV Eye 2017-09-03

I don't know If its possible, but it fells like your always on the brink of getting a 4* or even a 3* robot, you will eventually get a 2* but mustly 1*.

Posted by 2017-09-03

This game is pretty good. I like the 360° battles and the amount of characters it has. Overall it's a pretty good game

Posted by prince moralde 2017-09-03

Nice game good job

Posted by 2017-09-02

Increase the drop rate of 3 and 4 star bots!

Posted by RAJKUMAR SAHU 2017-09-02

Good but not very good

Posted by 2017-09-02

Yeah good game but it just worked for one day but next day when I opened game it only downloading assets I done it more than ten times please do something

Posted by Anthony Deaver 2017-09-02

Needs more Gen1 and Beast Wars characters!!

Posted by Noor Ain 2017-09-01


Posted by 2017-08-31

Awesome very good game I enjoy it

Posted by Kush Tyagi 2017-08-31

Nice game

Posted by Michael Saurage Jr 2017-08-31

Good Good Gooooo

Posted by Europa Victoria 2017-08-31

Its pretty damn good. Now give me monies

Posted by Landon Holmes 2017-08-31

I think it should be a little like injustice and here me out I dont really like the fact that you can by the characters individually

Posted by Brandon Westbrook 2017-08-30

Decent game.

Posted by Prosenjit Dutta 2017-08-30

Nice graphics.... Good

Posted by Dhanu Bunty 2017-08-30

Niss game

Posted by mudkip mudkip 2017-08-30

I love this game it's just that it loads really slowly.

Posted by Aryo Pradityoutomo 2017-08-30

The graphic is little bit choppy even with snapdragon 821, it needed more optimization Update: after the update, gameplay more fluid, but still freeze sometimes, very annoying, its hard to get 3 or 4 star bot, please add voice for the bots specially for Optimus prime. Hope get better on upcoming update.

Posted by 2017-08-29

Fun so far.

Posted by Epsilon Pax 2017-08-29

I loved a lot about the game. But maybe add some more tf5 models like tf5 Megatron or Mohawk, maybe Crosshairs.

Posted by Jay Ducusin 2017-08-29

It good

Posted by 2017-08-29

Loved it! Just kinda wished it didn't take so long to get other autobots

Posted by Jon Watts 2017-08-29

recommend to all fans of transformers

Posted by Jaleshwar Bareth 2017-08-29

Full form of M,C

Posted by Yusuf wakil 2017-08-29


Posted by XAnonymousX 2017-08-29

Great game but not the easiest to play

Posted by Vishesh Jain 2017-08-29


Posted by Peter Smith 2017-08-28

I think it has been a fun game to play The sound cuts out every once and a while, but still enjoyable.

Posted by Reilly Hamilton 2017-08-28

I think it's a fantastic game best one I've played yet but one thing is missing. you need to add do you can choose your picture logo instead of it being ur best character

Posted by Darwin Blu Cordero 2017-08-28

Its a very good game and very easy to learn the mechanics

Posted by Sonali Parwani 2017-08-28


Posted by Chris c Ratcliffe 2017-08-28

Good graphics good game play, only issue is the bit crystals in six goes I've had prime three times n sideswipe twice, needs to be more selection

Posted by Arpit Rai 2017-08-28


Posted by 2017-08-27

As a big transformers fan this game is very enjoyable but despite this it is a cash grab, I'm happy to spend a bit of money here and there however a few of the packs cost too much for what they are, such as the £15 ones that give you a character and a few items. Although the packs containing 6-10 summons for £3.99 are worth the money but unfortunately are not available as they should be. Overall a very good game which could do with some tweaks here and there to help players enjoy the game a bit more.

Posted by Ethan Walter 2017-08-27

Controls can be a bit confusing at first, after that it is really fun.

Posted by Nathan Reynolds 2017-08-27


Posted by 2017-08-27

A great mixup of classic and new characters in differenent styles i really liked it

Posted by red gamer 2017-08-27


Posted by Antonioeli Garcia 2017-08-27

We need the ghost of Starscream... nice game.. you have to give $ugar to get some candy..

Posted by Zakie Yamanie 2017-08-27


Posted by Roshan Etwaru 2017-08-27

Previous crashes are no more..dnt know if the support is for something or is it because i uninstalled, backed up my mobile and reinstalled. I dnt get any crash and am able to complete all fights which would not even start. Thanks.

Posted by FoxyPlayer 15 2017-08-27

Love it and I love that grimlock is there saying to rate and is like "little human" its funny! Its a good game (grimlock my favorite btw)

Posted by Matthew James 2017-08-27

Easy to grasp fighting controls and easy to pull off combos relies on timing more than than button mashing..

Posted by 2017-08-27

Good but need some more clarity in game stages

Posted by harsh singh 2017-08-27

Very nice

Posted by 2017-08-26

I give 4 star because it is very easy game

Posted by Holly Keith 2017-08-26

Fun Fun

Posted by Ritu Bajaj 2017-08-26

Cool action game Regards

Posted by jojo malicdem 2017-08-26


Posted by 2017-08-26

Можно было и лучше...

Posted by Hayden Wyatt 2017-08-26


Posted by michael gonzales 2017-08-26

I like

Posted by DR kalim Rizvi 2017-08-26

Cool game

Posted by Siddharth Devkar 2017-08-26

It is good

Posted by Curtis Lawrence 2017-08-26

Just need to load quicker

Posted by Rambo Syd 2017-08-25

Just an awesome action game with all the tacts and strategies to apply​

Posted by Tomasz Lewandowski 2017-08-25

It loads slowly but I'am on Act1 Chapter two and I never lost a fight-Sideswipe 230

Posted by 2017-08-25

I love it has a wide variety of characters

Posted by Gerald Draper 2017-08-25

Only thing holding this back from five stars is the pay wall. Pay to win bs ruins otherwise great games.

Posted by ABHINAV AMAN 2017-08-25

Away game!! but need some more improvement

Posted by Nana Kwame Yirenkyi 2017-08-25

It's really cool.

Posted by Abhisekh Amat 2017-08-25

It's good

Posted by Anish Chauhan 2017-08-25

It is a nice game but control was not so good

Posted by Tharush Nimsara Liyanage 2017-08-25

Good game very funny Good game very funny

Posted by Surisetty Ganesh 2017-08-25

Super Game , The Robot Battle Is Awesome

Posted by Sindhu Ja 2017-08-24

Wonderful game I never played this type of game

Posted by lakshmi rajyam paladugu 2017-08-24


Posted by Roshan Antony 2017-08-24

Super but..........

Posted by 2017-08-24

Very interisting

Posted by Anthony Mullens 2017-08-24

It's a great game.

Posted by Cynder1984 2017-08-24

Fun transformers story

Posted by oliver Sargeant 2017-08-24

The game is great for transformers fan

Posted by anil bhadane 2017-08-24

It's OK

Posted by GhostlyRanger141 000 2017-08-24

I would give it 5 stars but it takes so long just to load up a battle please improve that

Posted by Vinit Raj Singh 2017-08-24

This is very good games

Posted by 2017-08-24

Comfortable game

Posted by Akshay Dhruv 2017-08-23

Very nice game trim, graphics and sound are such as movie. I play this game daily But Bots are too late open and put some crystals to unlock bots Anyway nice game

Posted by Jordan Buchanan 2017-08-23

It's great but need more retro bots and stages

Posted by Scott Bias 2017-08-23


Posted by Gary March 2017-08-23

Not playing long, but graphics are great, gameplay is good , controls are average could use a little work I think. Might just be the interface from my phone, but not an issue with other similar control games.

Posted by James Robinson 2017-08-23


Posted by Naresh Kona 2017-08-23

Game is good but small updates

Posted by tushar Dhiman 2017-08-23


Posted by Shaun Groshans 2017-08-23

It's addictive lol

Posted by Mk Ultra 2017-08-23

Love this game, it's a bit complex at first tho.

Posted by Rohit Yadav 2017-08-23

Story should be in more detail n user friendly so we can understand what's going on in game.

Posted by 2017-08-23

It is a bakvas sho

Posted by Tristan ardhi 2017-08-23


Posted by Leena Darwatkar 2017-08-23

Ok nice

Posted by 2017-08-23

Good game. But sometimes minor issues occur like when I was battling I was not able to select the bot which I wanted. And also the name of the other bot mostly doesn't appear in the battle screen. Please fix such minor issues and I will give 5stars

Posted by John Benzi 2017-08-22

Look Ok

Posted by 2017-08-22

Even more best

Posted by Christine Ganesh 2017-08-22


Posted by Mutalib Abdul Qoyyum Abdul salam 2017-08-22

Its nice and captivating but it would be better offline and it takes a lot of time to load

Posted by 2017-08-22

Consumes data

Posted by Henry Lee 2017-08-22

A really cool bash game

Posted by Abi Barzah Barzah 2017-08-22

It's good game!!!!!

Posted by samir shah 2017-08-22

This game is superb.

Posted by Anshu Raj 2017-08-22


Posted by Janardan Verma 2017-08-22

It's a great game

Posted by mohd afizol 2017-08-22


Posted by Ant Myers 2017-08-22

Very enjoyable. Worth the download

Posted by RAVINDRA KUMAR Singh 2017-08-22

Wow ! It is my one of the best game ever ! Commonly i play 2 games clash royale and this game and some time I confused what should I play this or clash royale !

Posted by Herbal Dragon 2017-08-22

Was fun even though runs slow for my phone

Posted by Gregory Beachell 2017-08-22

Something different and fun

Posted by Gab Gappe 2017-08-21

Nice game

Posted by jaycurrs Vega 2017-08-21

Its okay

Posted by Elizabeth Striebeck 2017-08-21

This game was so much fun!! I hope Michael bay or soneone makes a movie off of this game but that's very unlikely XD

Posted by chris galbreath 2017-08-21

It's a good game.

Posted by Sharad Tammewar 2017-08-21

Getting very irritated because when I am going for the raid it is always downloading assets and I am getting lose. Please resolve the problem

Posted by gadhavi dharmesh 2017-08-21

Nice game

Posted by Mech Productions 2017-08-21

Pretty good

Posted by Dimanto Aris 2017-08-21

Good graphics

Posted by Nidhi Baranwal 2017-08-21

Star Wars type

Posted by Bittu Bhai 2017-08-21

Nice game i love it so much

Posted by Nightmare is not over 2017-08-21

Good game fun to play

Posted by Elliot Leadbeater 2017-08-21

I think it's one of the best fighting game I've ever played

Posted by Yallappa Kamble 2017-08-21

Its good games

Posted by Christopher Maszerowski 2017-08-20


Posted by Hanz Reese Gaytano 2017-08-20

It's good but could be better

Posted by Dan Wieberg 2017-08-20

Nice game and I like the traditional and modern adaptations of all the characters

Posted by Tirthankar Roy 2017-08-20

It could be more fun if repair was automatically done

Posted by Jason Tutterow 2017-08-20

Decent fighting game.

Posted by Annu Kundwani 2017-08-20

World ,s bebest game

Posted by SAMIRA BHARTI 2017-08-20

Nice game I liked it

Posted by Naga Anjani Devi T 2017-08-20

It is the 6th sence ga0me

Posted by shubham sharma 2017-08-20

Good for killing time...

Posted by say imuh 2017-08-20

good enough to play

Posted by Hkpuneet Gowda 2017-08-20

This game I actually bought 12 arena Crystal but no energon came only gold and when I dragged the arena Crystals and when I tapped it came on gold after stopping in energon for 5 second I need my energon you take my gold but give energon

Posted by 2017-08-20

Nice game while getting board

Posted by 2017-08-19

Need more graphic

Posted by Roni The Tack 2017-08-19


Posted by Mohit Anand 2017-08-19

Nice graphics nd cool gameplay controls!!

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Calling all Autobots and Decepticons!

Join Optimus Prime, Megatron, and your favorite Transformers characters in the exciting new action-fighting RPG that brings the heroic storytelling and spectacular robot-vehicle action from 30 years of Transformers history to your mobile device!

Master responsive touch controls in intense one-on-one combat, form mighty alliances and battle against others in a beautiful world of stunning 3D graphics and epic scale. With heroic characters under your command, become the ultimate Transformers leader, and battle for supremacy in a world that is “More Than Meets the Eye.”

●Collect and control iconic robots from the entire Transformers universe, including the animated TV series, toys, comics and blockbuster films
●Battle other players in intense, 1v1 combat with ranged fire, destructible terrain, huge 3D arenas and devastating robot-vehicle attacks
●Experience an epic world rendered in stunning 3D graphics
●Discover an all-new, original Transformers story with classic heroes and villains
●Create a gauntlet of robots and defenses to protect your base from other players
●Set away teams and launch raids on enemy bases for loot and rewards
●Team up with your friends, forge alliances and battle other players in global events

Roll Out!

TRANSFORMERS is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2017 Hasbro. Licensed by Hasbro. TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight software © 2017 Kabam, Inc. Developed by Kabam. All rights reserved.

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