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Posted by Johnny85125 2017-09-12

It's okay

Posted by Brendon Alexander 2017-09-12

Its great so far. The load times need fixing though. UPDATE: Kabam are scum. There's no excuse for all the lag.

Posted by 2017-09-12

Things should be less expensive.

Posted by Qutbuddin Pardawala 2017-09-12

Forged to Fight is a great game but has serious issues. There was massive logging issue until the last update. Connectivity issues still plague the game. The controls are not as responsive as one would want and the gameplay gets repetitive a little too soon. Also serious screen freeze and frame drop issues make you not want to take it seriously. Jump of difficulty is too steep from act 1 to 2. A decent try for me.

Posted by 2017-09-12

Best game is this

Posted by Arya Chakraborty 2017-09-10

Overall good game

Posted by Yusuf Rahman 2017-09-10

Kabhi kadaar nai chal raha tha

Posted by ronni kumar 2017-09-09

This defeat for fighting game best game

Posted by 2017-09-09

This is an update on this review on my thoughts on the game thus far. This game is great overall for the past month since I installed it but there are several factors that make it irritating; particularly the raid system: the deal with it is that you can expect to be attacked within the duration of the time it takes for all your raid tickets to regenerate and if you're about to finish any fights you can expect to be attacked by someone, also if you can successfully raid one player out of three then chances are that someone else will undo your only raid and with the addition of the raid roster giving you players who are more powerful than you almost every time and in some cases give you the same powerful player you know you can't raid again. Another issue is the gameplay mechanics: in arenas and raids must your opponent's bot constantly evade and block your attacks while they utterly pummel you along with a tip in the load screen saying that you can heavy attack your opponent while they're cornered being false. Lastly the expectations of getting a three star bot in crystals that can grant them are little to none as you will commonly receive either bots you'll never use or duplicates as well as the slow pace it takes for earning energon for overpriced items that are up to 3x or more than what you earn. Had it not been for these issues I would have rated this game higher and given it a more positive review. And in conclusion if you plan to install this game prepare to grind for several weeks or more to attempt to get a powerful bot and prepare to be attacked by someone while your raid tickets regenerate while also losing more than you earn.

Posted by Deepak Kumar 2017-09-09

its an game

Posted by Hima Bindu 2017-09-08

Super machi

Posted by Michael Mitchell 2017-09-08

Love transformers characters so to see all the versions is fun. It's similar to a lot of other games but it's finds ways to be unique which is always great. I'll play for a little while more for sure

Posted by Zane Scott 2017-09-08

Only just started playing, so far so good. Some screen freeze issues though.

Posted by gugi gustaman 2017-09-08

Keep downloading asset again and again every time i open the game?Why it's not just click and play like other's also very hard to get 4 star bots

Posted by Asogwa blessing 2017-09-07

You need internet connection to play this game

Posted by Charles Omar Brock 2017-09-06

Lot of crashes lag. processor speed slow for modern phones. Needs work. Would like to see it on par like Marvel champions. The games seems more like a beta than a real game. It needs to be polished up. More detail better detail in items Crystals and level up materials. Response times could be A little faster. Arenas can get pretty aggressive dominate by AI, need to be able to respond to it. Not sure if parry available but would like to see it added. I love transformers but it needs some attention. Do to crashes slow professors you could loose interest in the game. Gave three star cause I've played marvel champions for years now so I know kabam, could make this game shine.

Posted by Krithick Ganesan 2017-09-04

My raid time 10 min gone on loading please add some nore min

Posted by Jacquri Bush 2017-09-04

It's ok

Posted by يوتيوب علي يوتيوب علي 2017-09-04


Posted by Josh Taylor 2017-09-03

Really fun game, terrible reward system. I feel like its rigged to get decent bots unless you shell out a ton of cash. I spent a little money on the game and that was basically a guaranteed character. Please fix the odds.

Posted by Andre Messam 2017-09-03

Its a great game but it lags too much please fix that soon

Posted by Monreaco Usen 2017-09-02

I would rate it higher but it lags a lot and the worst part it loads like every 10 minutes and it can occasionally crash on u in the middle of the load a few bugs they need to work on but not recommend yet

Posted by Norma Zavala 2017-09-02

It's a bit Boring nowadays

Posted by Jekarion Smith 2017-09-02

I like the game but it exit itself everytime im in the middle of something

Posted by willy ferrer 2017-09-02

It's ok but the game doesn't support htc smartphone I hope they fix it

Posted by ajay gadekar 2017-09-01

The game freezes while in a raid Kabam please fix it Only 3 days are remaining for the Shockwave raid event and I only have around 2000 Shockwave chips Nearly 10-15 raids have failed because the game freezed

Posted by 2017-08-30

It is kind of easy but i got it today and im only on leval 3

Posted by jyotsana tanwar 2017-08-30

Superb game

Posted by Visnu B 2017-08-29

Graphics very poor ... whether it depends on specific mobile sets ?? Please fix on it. I am using Asus ZenFone 3.

Posted by Santwan Tolbert 2017-08-29

It keep freezing up and take a long time to load up.

Posted by Hrishikesh Apte 2017-08-28


Posted by Chanaka Daniel 2017-08-28

Good game really good

Posted by Aaron Harris 2017-08-28

NO JAZZ - How they can make this game and include dozens and dozens of bots but leave out Jazz is beyond me. Otherwise it is a fun and addictive game.

Posted by Ruben Marrufo 2017-08-27

Difficult to understand all details about managing your bots. I love the concept, guess I'm looking for simplicity

Posted by Brian Drzewianowski 2017-08-27

Ok game. Don't bother purchasing bots. NEVER get anything beyond 2 star from purchased crystals. Same as free ones.

Posted by jeetendra choudhary 2017-08-27


Posted by bransin johnson 2017-08-26

Was pretty good when I really didn't know what I was doing but now after playing for over almost 4 months I'm yet to receive a 4 star not even after spending plenty of money. Also since the new update we've been experiencing foreclosure and lots of lagging during battles. I hope these issues is addressed soon. So we can enjoy your game again. Thx for reading my review.

Posted by jamna lal meena 2017-08-26


Posted by Raghawan Dwivedi 2017-08-26

This game is good but it is taking too much time to load

Posted by Puffn Treez 2017-08-25

Kinda slow

Posted by 2017-08-25

Cant this game be offline played ..istead of net

Posted by Donovan Gibson 2017-08-25

It's good. One thing is that it freezes every now and then but it's good.

Posted by Kwekowe Prince 2017-08-24

Work on the graphics

Posted by Taylor Zak 2017-08-24

The game is alot of fun to play and I really enjoy it with recent updates however the controls have gone down hill, my special wont activate or I will swipe up to move but it would actually do my special also I will hold block and nothing will happen. sadly I do not have a kabam acct with this phone and to link with my previous would delete all my progress I have now

Posted by nimmanapalli pujitha 2017-08-24

Not bad

Posted by D Council 2017-08-23

Great game but fix the app for Android users it's loads slowly it lags it freezes during fights please fix

Posted by Braden Napier 2017-08-23

Fix this game! All these updates, and not a single one fixes the freezing issue. It is so annoying when the game suddenly freezes at the end of a fight, or remains stuck on the loading screen! The worst part is when it freezes in the middle of a raid, and you wind up losing or almost losing the timed event because the timer doesn't care if the app suddenly decides it doesn't want to respond!

Posted by Ankit Upadhyay 2017-08-22

Game is good.. but lags very much, too slow and the worst part is that consumes very much data in repairing polishing shrpening etc in every minut..irritating factor.. fix this fast

Posted by Vish#Hajong Au 2017-08-22

Why do I have to fight bumblebee.. ?seriously .. and too many logins etx. Too much wasted time . It's a nice game though.

Posted by Taina Echevarria 2017-08-22

wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #######

Posted by twosox3648 2017-08-21


Posted by jeremiah Smith 2017-08-21

It okay

Posted by Kathrine Elizabeth Schiermeyer 2017-08-21

Great game. Great graphics. Not so great opening the game and waiting for dozens of downloads for over 20 minutes. Deleted! So annoying! Ruined the game for me.

Posted by Alex Curson 2017-08-21

Junk. That's what this game is. Junk.

Posted by 2017-08-21


Posted by 2017-08-21

Posted by Vishal kumar 2017-08-21

Awesome Good game

Posted by 2017-08-21

That is good but it take lot of time to downlod after open game

Posted by Waleed Alsaleh 2017-08-21

Game is nice, decent Graphics is (meh)

Posted by Toes Ofrubber 2017-08-20

Not bad, but game play is a little convoluted, especially when trying to figure out how to level up and switch characters. It feels like a game that is trying to do fit into too many genres but isn't really good at any of them. The only real draw to the game are the transformer characters themselves. Only play if you don't have any other games that "scratch the transformers" itch.

Posted by Deric Smith 2017-08-20

I like this game a lot, but it would be nice to get different bots from time to time. I've recieved at least 2 and 3 of every bot I own. I have never recieved a tactician bot and I'm on level 20.. I keep getting the same bots, even when I make a monetary purchase. It's like a waste of money. Starting to not want to play anymore..

Posted by jamesspacey 11 2017-08-20

A great game for all transformers fans, whether their a fan of the classic series or the more recent Michael Bay movies However, I recently encounterd a glitch which completley changed the aspect ratio, only focusing on the player character. This soon affected my entire phone causing the screen to turn black and a lot of frantic button pressing to resolve!

Posted by Neppolian Kannagaraj 2017-08-20


Posted by Susetyo Nugroho 2017-08-20

The was great for thr prev versi but after updated for the New version it's chrashed and can't play till now

Posted by venthan mullai 2017-08-20

Loading loading loading any time loading......too much data download ...loading very irritating so I am uninstall that game....

Posted by BadCup Gaming 2017-08-20

Good but sideswipe had no will on his feet

Posted by Ar-jay Villeza 2017-08-20


Posted by Richardson Nadar 2017-08-20


Posted by utkarsh tripathi 2017-08-20

I cant get any special bot from crystal store i spent nearly 500 energones but still cant get any special bot all i get is 1 star bots again and again

Posted by Sahan Athukorala 2017-08-19


Posted by mahendran msmahe 2017-08-19

Super duper fun

Posted by Jarrod Vrbetic 2017-08-19

Overall a good game but could use some tweaks on random bot generating and purple cubes earned in missions.

Posted by Madison Bartlett 2017-08-19

Weird controls 4 meh

Posted by Muthiah Kanthaswamy 2017-08-19

Wow what the filigter

Posted by Mahdi Shateri 2017-08-19

تو گوشیه من لگ داره گرافیکشم خیلی پاین اومده

Posted by Abhay Banjare 2017-08-19

Nice game

Posted by Eza Zainuren 2017-08-18

After update, i keep getting low space detected when trying to open up the game. I'm using ASUS zenfone 5.

Posted by mike white 2017-08-18

Good graphics and smooth gameplay. Very hard to get above 2 star bots without the $$$$. Don't need to spend, but helps, alot to do

Posted by Daniel Keenan 2017-08-18

I like the game except I can't play anymore because the new asset updates just keep loading from 0-100% and then instantly reset. I had the game loading like this for over two hours last night with a good Internet connection and it just kept saying "downloading assets"

Posted by Bunnyboy King 2017-08-18

When I first heard about it back when it was called Generations Collide I was interested. And this more than delivered. Keep this in mind. I'm not a Fighting game aficionado. But the controls are fabulous since they made it with a touchscreen in mind & didn't try to shove a square block in a round hole by putting a bunch of buttons on the screen which would've made it all but unplayable without a Bluetooth controller since most of the screen would've blocked by them & the digital stick/D-pad. You tap the right side to attack up close or perform a projectile attack when at a distance, hold to perform a vehicle mode attack which can be broken out of & breaks blocks which is done by holding the left side, & slide up on the left side to sidestep which is used to dodge projectile attacks. The graphics are a mixed bag. Some models look a little meh like the Dark of the Moon Bumblebee. While others like the Bayverse Ironhide look pretty good. Though I'm honestly disappointed by the lacking in characters from Beast Wars & Beast Machines (The only two being Rhynox & Waspinator) And the Unicron Trilogy & the aligned continuity. Though I'm sure more variety will come in a matter of time so Kabam this is only a nitpick. The variety & amount of stuff to do right now is more than enough to keep me coming back for more despite the occasional pauses during fights that stick out like a sore thumb. Though I'm sure it's only a matter of time until these issues get fixed. Though it plays like Marvel Contest of Champion in that the fighter you get is random. I'd be more than willing to pay a little bit to get the individual fighters that I actually want. But you can get a 3 star version of Bumblebee along with some supplies for ten bucks right now which is better than nothing. There's also alliances you can join, Base building, Raids, a story mode, Daily missions, a versus mode, & more. So if you're a Transformers fan I would recommend trying it out even if the free to play model it uses isn't your cup of tea. But there's still issues. One complaint I totally agree on is the loading times are ATROCIOUS! So I can't recommend playing this on phone. Only on a tablet.

Posted by Patni Dx 2017-08-18

Not bad

Posted by Tarun Paul 2017-08-18


Posted by Kos Vou 2017-08-18

Too large updates.

Posted by Troy Re 2017-08-18

Insane loading, load 2 times to get a screen to hit ok and then load 2 more times. Game is fun but repetitive and hard to learn at first.

Posted by Sahid Sitia 2017-08-17

I try

Posted by Kireik Senyah 2017-08-17

Well this a cookie cutter game from a marvel game I deleted after couple weeks to play Lord's Mobile...

Posted by Chris Wines 2017-08-17

Interesting but to much lag time and to long to load.

Posted by 2017-08-17


Posted by Arlina Affendi 2017-08-17

Problems for me

Posted by Cyder Rutaquio 2017-08-17

Little low chance of getting hugh leveld robots

Posted by xna jacob 2017-08-17


Posted by Jeff Foster 2017-08-16

Game crashing after new update today. Can't raid because of it.

Posted by Kaushik Chakrabarty 2017-08-16

Can't carry out raids crashes every time!!!

Posted by KULASEKHAR JYOTHI 2017-08-16


Posted by Rahana Biju 2017-08-16

Good game of course but sick due to addiction

Posted by et mensah 2017-08-15

Can't play offline, that's bad. Always loading something. Can't play without fast internet connection

Posted by Bryson Parrott 2017-08-15

I'm honestly getting tired of getting duplicates every time I open a premium crystal.

Posted by 2017-08-15

i think it is not so much bad game . graphics are so good

Posted by Ramesh.k.s Rks 2017-08-14

I love this game

Posted by Rakesh Kumar 2017-08-14

Tell me starc screen

Posted by 2017-08-14

It wouldn,t got install

Posted by Glenn P. 2017-08-13

It's a fun game not a huge fan of the Michael Bay Transformers but there are some of the classic G1 Transfromers but not a whole lot. Please put some effort into getting all the classic G1 Transformers like Blurr, Galvatron, Devastator, or even Rodimus Prime and Wheelie instead of the Michael Bay Transformers.

Posted by 2017-08-13

It could be better to play.

Posted by Joe Stover 2017-08-13

? ,

Posted by Eric Yow 2017-08-13

Posted by Anas Haddadi 2017-08-12

Good game

Posted by 2017-08-12

Could you make the loading faster that will make it a lot better

Posted by Berliner 052286 2017-08-12

Requires some serious ram to play well...

Posted by Dharmendra Ray 2017-08-11

I like game

Posted by Edil Ameer Hairon 2017-08-11

AWESOME BUT .... awesome Transformers game in the playstore but its too laggy and sometimes crashes even though I have a good data connection , i didnt experience this in Contest of Champions so i hope you can fix this ..

Posted by Z340 00110000 2017-08-10

Pretty good but needs work! I have a suggestion, maybe we could create our own Transformers using unlockable parts. Add some new transformers, And try to make the base more customizable. Just some thoughts

Posted by Naila Mehmood 2017-08-10


Posted by jonathon larson 2017-08-10


Posted by jonathan rodriguez 2017-08-09

It's been loading for an hour and it's still loading and it's driving me insane. So please fix.

Posted by PacoG J 2017-08-09

Gameplay is choppy, as expected for global release. Hoping Kabam learned from MCOC, on how to make playable fair content. So far so good I must say. This game still has major Lagging and crash issues Update* Still gitches and crashes like no other this game is riddled with Bugs!!!! No excuse it's been out months. Seriously thinking of leaving this game sadly it's just getting unbearable to play especially Alliance Missions and Raids no good deals to spend money on it's just ssd

Posted by RaynBowz 2017-08-09

Its pretty good, a little fucky but it still good

Posted by Abhinav n 2017-08-09

Kool,,but boring also

Posted by Miguel Preciado 2017-08-08

The game is great overall but the graphics are horrendous compared to MCOC. The game is also glitchy that I am unable to see/track my opponent and makes the game seem like it's not working well. The load times seemed to improved. Not surprised this game doesn't work well since Kabam likes rigging their games so much. Uninstalled this garbage. This game is not worthy to be in my Galaxy S8

Posted by Charnel Arrowood 2017-08-08

The only thing I find aggravating is when the game does not respond when I use the controls in the right Manner and the game somehow kicks me off

Posted by Ben Wesley 2017-08-08

Overall great game, lots to keep me playing it for a while to come. Only negative I can pick out is the occasional freezing but this could be to do with my phone rather than the app. Edit: The freezing has continued to get worse and is particularly bad during raids, which is doubly annoying because the timer continues to countdown whilst the game is frozen. Please fix this! Pretty sure it's due to the app using all of the RAM which is then locking up everything until the phone manages to process the backlog.

Posted by crazy horse sniper man 2017-08-07

Fu€k off grimlock, rate Deez nuts across your face!

Posted by up down left right 2017-08-07

I have a nivida shield k1 tablet and this game keeps constantly crashing when i start a fight. this game would be amazing if it would not crash. Thank you for your time

Posted by Koushal Patil 2017-08-06

First time I played it was not good it was not starting in My android

Posted by ScoutMaster E Garner 2017-08-06

Good game but the system for a bot seems to be rigged.

Posted by ilene tamayo 2017-08-06

good good

Posted by DEMONIK BLADE SLINGER 2017-08-05

was good for the longest time then for the last week it randomly closes and takes me to my browser while battling, I'm on the droid turbo 2

Posted by gazi aslam 2017-08-05

Nice game

Posted by Keinryll Jay Ibal 2017-08-04

Is it an online game or offline? Sorry for asking

Posted by Hayden Scott 2017-08-04

I love the graphics and while most people don't like the long load times I think it's good so I can prepare my fingers for the fight

Posted by All good videos 2017-08-04

Graphics doesn't look at all the same.

Posted by Trilokprakash Nanda 2017-08-04

There should be more variety in controls

Posted by Benjamin Jones 2017-08-04

Very kewl game but needs some work bad...It locks up, glitches, the crystals are rigged, then when it freezes while you are timed; you lose....fix plz

Posted by DA TERMINATOR 2017-08-03

Its good but drop rates should be better

Posted by Charles Daniels 2017-08-03

I think it's a rlly nice game and its just like marvel contest of Champions but I think I should improve the graphics alot make it as good as marvel contest of Champions. If not better

Posted by özgür emrah koçak 2017-08-03

Not that good :( Sound effects also need a big improvement; remember transformers movie fights.

Posted by Snail Green 2017-08-03

I think we should be able to create our own bots. and there should be an initiation which turns them into an autobot or decepticon before good bots can fight with bad bots. after the intel event that takes place which makes them make this decision. and as far as upgrading anything i think that we should be able to only concentrate on being able to upgrade both original bots and created bots our base also our capabilities when creating an alliance and the capabilities/perks when in an alliance.

Posted by S Leavy 2017-08-03

It's an awesome game

Posted by Vimal Diamonds Sidd 2017-08-02

It's ok not that good not that bad some times love to play sometimes hated it in short ok

Posted by Heramb Mishra 2017-08-02


Posted by Rajat Rai 2017-08-01

It's a good game

Posted by 2017-08-01

It's really a good game, but it keeps crashing

Posted by pat oboutin 2017-08-01

Not lifr like enough for me

Posted by jaya narayanan 2017-08-01

Slow loading and graphics are scrubling in my android phone

Posted by Ajeet Garg 2017-08-01

It is so so...

Posted by Shiro Neko 2017-08-01

The game is awesome but the graphics of the game in my phone sucks it looks like it is set in low resolution, low texture and the graphics makes me don't wanna play it anymore

Posted by Karthi Keyan 2017-08-01

Game was good but too much download game data's

Posted by Michael Sanders 2017-08-01

Been playing the game for a few days now and my experience is i like the layout and all around gameplay ive experienced thus far

Posted by Sanjeevan Biswas 2017-07-31

Good game...but always hang a bit....when playing.... Please add new characters like...scorge...predakings

Posted by Richard Chevalier 2017-07-31

it is good

Posted by Prabha Hode 2017-07-31

Better than marvel

Posted by Dee lake 2017-07-31

I like the game but when getting new bots sometimes they don't show up in my squad

Posted by matt watts 2017-07-31

Game was fun at first but when it comes to getting 3-4 star bots it feels like it cheats you out of points you earn for something that isn't worth it! The game is good but it seems the bot roulette is one sided at times kabam please update your trophy system you give pretty crappy rewards sometimes.

Posted by Mar Lumba 2017-07-31

It's pretty good over all.

Posted by Lalit Saroya 2017-07-30

Please don't go over pictures they are fake and graphics are the horrible

Posted by chintalapati venkatapatiraju 2017-07-30

Very bad

Posted by Joshua Dickerson 2017-07-30

Fast play

Posted by Eshan Rehan 2017-07-30

Good but copyright from contest of the champion

Posted by Yousef Alnahas 2017-07-30

The game is a amazing and cool, but the graphics are not realistic as Apple mobiles. And sometimes the game lags while I'm playing. Plz fix these problems.

Posted by I.H. Siddiqui 2017-07-30

The game is good,graphics are fantastic,but there is a problem in this game, if you open the game it takes a lot of time to start(5 to 15 minutes)and this problem irratates me most otherwise game is very good.

Posted by Julian Ramirez 2017-07-30

Is there Chase or police bots?

Posted by Akash Daniel 2017-07-30

It would be better if it was optimal on vivo y55

Posted by krunal sharma 2017-07-30

Good game as like mcoc... There are many bugs. Suddenly game stops while playing... Please kabam work on it

Posted by Hadi Santoso 2017-07-29


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Calling all Autobots and Decepticons!

Join Optimus Prime, Megatron, and your favorite Transformers characters in the exciting new action-fighting RPG that brings the heroic storytelling and spectacular robot-vehicle action from 30 years of Transformers history to your mobile device!

Master responsive touch controls in intense one-on-one combat, form mighty alliances and battle against others in a beautiful world of stunning 3D graphics and epic scale. With heroic characters under your command, become the ultimate Transformers leader, and battle for supremacy in a world that is “More Than Meets the Eye.”

●Collect and control iconic robots from the entire Transformers universe, including the animated TV series, toys, comics and blockbuster films
●Battle other players in intense, 1v1 combat with ranged fire, destructible terrain, huge 3D arenas and devastating robot-vehicle attacks
●Experience an epic world rendered in stunning 3D graphics
●Discover an all-new, original Transformers story with classic heroes and villains
●Create a gauntlet of robots and defenses to protect your base from other players
●Set away teams and launch raids on enemy bases for loot and rewards
●Team up with your friends, forge alliances and battle other players in global events

Roll Out!

TRANSFORMERS is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2017 Hasbro. Licensed by Hasbro. TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight software © 2017 Kabam, Inc. Developed by Kabam. All rights reserved.

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