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Posted by Tommy Hawk 2017-09-08

The problem isn't gameplay itself, it's how the game works. Every time it's started, the game requires a lot of data download before it begins. Rubbish, can we make the data to be downloaded once and for all, like Marvel Future Fight?

Posted by 2017-09-07

Sgood but needs a little work

Posted by aaron marlow 2017-09-07

The game is very fun and the story is interesting. The problem is this game doesn't keep my attention because every time I open a crystal I get duplicates... over and over and over and over again. I get that the developers need to make money because it's a free game, but throw us a bone every once in a while. After I get the same bonecrusher or ironhide almost a dozen times, it really takes from the game. Earth wars is the same, can we get a transformers game that we don't have to pay a fortune for to get our favorite bots. Probably going to uninstall.

Posted by The Gaming Fisherr 2017-09-07

The loading time is ridiculous

Posted by Aniket Sharma 2017-09-05

Nice gameplay...awesome controls...great game ...but but but...making fools in Crystals...never got any reward like energton...4 star bot ..only low rewards every time...atleast once in a week u can give big rewards....stop fooling people...if one get good reward he will play on regular basis...plz mention my comment... Thanks

Posted by Rupesh Adhikari 2017-09-04

They show us 4 star bots. But when we somehow get to release the crystals.... all we can get is a 2 star bot. It sucks. Other than this game is not too bad until and unless you have a strong internet connection.

Posted by ZypherNex 2017-09-03

Too laggy

Posted by Alisa Prem 2017-09-02

This game takes a lot of time to load whenever I open the app even on a Wi-Fi network. I appreciate the gameplay,graphics,controls everything is nice but it takes a lot of time to load. The creators please try to fix this, it's a request. I really want to play this game.

Posted by Sanjay Koli 2017-09-02

Raid time so hang this game wow up date this game auto stope edite i min this game automatically closd & YOU R OPEN THIS GAME SO WAGHTING 2 TO 3 MINUTS

Posted by sharaz ali 2017-09-01

It is a low loading and it lags a lot but it is a great game

Posted by supreme meme 2017-09-01

Slow,buggy,and crashes constantly.

Posted by Lizu V.D. 2017-09-01

Crashes every time after the update... Too much frustrated

Posted by Peter Yang 2017-08-31

Has potential but the game is so laggy and buggy that it becomes impossible to play, even on more recent phones

Posted by fadhir shamsudin 2017-08-31

Why i need to download the data everytime when i opened the game please fix it kabam i beg you this is the best game i played in my phone so please fix it kabam. Do you hear me?

Posted by Jason Mayfield 2017-08-31

I think it's wack that every time I'm in a room full of 4 stars robots, I always get a 2 star robot chosen for me. It makes the game SUCK!!!

Posted by John Gill 2017-08-29

Pretty good game. But the stingiest and most expensive. It's impossible to get new bots. Very frustrating. Pay to win no doubt. And the developer could care less,they are exploiting transformers because so many people love them. They say they are sorry for the problems,but that's a complete lie. They don't care.

Posted by Kevin Archambeau 2017-08-29

Latest update introduce hangs(I0+ seconds) during battle and there are major touch recognition issues (on a s8+) that make battles aggravating instead of fun or challenging.

Posted by brendon thompson 2017-08-28

Good game but constant bugs and crashes. Unfortunately kabam seem to believe updates don't require testing. As a result of this every update brings worse bugs than b4.

Posted by david hancock 2017-08-28

I thought that after the Marvel debacle they would have learned to make it more enjoyable but as per their usual, they missed the point totally. It's a Very boring experience in every conceivable way. 2 stars.

Posted by Darus Salam 2017-08-25

Dear kabam! MCOC is perfect in all case plz make this game like mcoc specially in design its too confuse to find where crystal bots eveything just so mixed up plz make this game as like as MCOC

Posted by Mandar Sonavane 2017-08-25

Only downloading, everytime i play. Plz put all that fules in single download it is so annoying

Posted by C SunTzu 2017-08-24

Worst bot allocation algorithm possible. It is NOT random! It is heavily weighted for only a few bots. There's no real chance at ever getting a variety of bots. I've been playing since about day one and I still don't have all the first release bots. I open crystals almost daily and it doesn't what I try or how I get them. Win crystals, buy crystals, Energon exchange for crystals, nothing helps. Several weeks ago the dev posted that wave 2 bots we're now in regular crystals and I still can't get any of them. How do I still not have a single 3* Bumblebee after all this time?

Posted by Daefecator Gross 2017-08-23

Very laggy. And boring :( Blocking has a huge delay, so when you see an opponent attacks, it is already too late. This invalidates player skill and turns the game into pure luck.

Posted by S.A.B photostudio 2017-08-23

Theek h lekin bekaar h

Posted by Michael Delos santos 2017-08-23

I can't seem to load my game anymore, It was fun while it lasted, keep improving the game guys. Best of luck. Thanks for the fun.

Posted by 2017-08-23


Posted by 2017-08-22

all right

Posted by Mangesh Thakore 2017-08-22

Most disgusted in game update shame on game creator

Posted by Richard Coleman 2017-08-22

Liked the game heaps but the last update killed it for me. Why bloat it from 606mb to over 1gb? There was absolutely no need for it. The bots still look identical to before the 450mb+ 'Optimization download!

Posted by Richard Neilnili 2017-08-21

This game is a total let down, started off well but now I'm Almost $300 into it and still no 4 Star Bot? I play everyday and try to avoid paying money but come on after a solid month and no 4 Star Bot... Very addictive and disappointing. Don't Play this game, too many changes and updates with no decent rewards or guarantees of a money well spent! Thanks for ruining a childhood love for the franchise.

Posted by Carlene Funseth 2017-08-21

UPDATE: **I had already submitted a ticket before i posted the review. NEXT: I was able to fix the problem with choose ur bot by clearing cache. Ur team does respond very quickly which is nice however after that they do not take responsibility for anything once they have answered you. I had to submit another ticket yesterday because it error and crashed at the start of a new raid and said unexpected error and then closes completely. I logged back in and last 2 tickets were gone. I was told "sorry we're trying to fix this "KNOWN" issue but we will not compensate u for any of ur loses due to the glitch. Hope you understand and have a great day."?!?!?! Part of GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ACTUALLY COMPLETING CUSTOMER SERVICE. I spent over $300 in only 3 days and only been playing a week but now that I know that your team will not own up to any glitches or losses I will only spend MINIMAL if I spend at all. So at the small cost of replacing 2 RAID TICKETS which I shouldn't have lost now you lost a customer that actually spends money frequently if I enjoy the game. But I learned my lesson hard with GOW after 2 years and I won't play the fool again.

Posted by B1ohaZard / 2017-08-21

Fun but I would love a graphics setting to stop it from lagging a lot.

Posted by Andrew Waller 2017-08-21


Posted by Kendall Yap 2017-08-20

This game is cool but the loading every time I win a battle it crashes fix this please

Posted by Shaleen Makwana 2017-08-20

Uninstalled game requires Data or Wi-Fi always, can not play offline

Posted by Deep Nimkar 2017-08-20

Very very slow loading

Posted by Shashank Singh 2017-08-20

New version really sucks...all it takes only loading ..Nd nothing...

Posted by Rajpal Mehra 2017-08-19

This game iss very good but gamplay and graphics are very bad please set this problem

Posted by Robert Blair 2017-08-19

Spent more time in loading screens and story scenes than actually playing the game.

Posted by Jeremy Aviles Miranda 2017-08-19

I like the game but every 2 battles the game starts kicking me out and i have to do the battles again.Please fix this

Posted by vivek bafila 2017-08-19


Posted by Zeref Dragneel 2017-08-18

It's lame's damn slow plus it's showing network errors even when internet is would be much better if u could provide an offline version that is not slow like this one

Posted by Sonny Crockett 2017-08-17

Not even close to being "addictive" like the first manually picked review on the store page. 100% of mobile games that do this are at least being openly and blatantly dishonest and not hiding it, I give them that.

Posted by Blane Jarocki 2017-08-17

Load times are way to slow/long. Get bored waiting for game to load so I find something else to play.

Posted by Patrick Stader 2017-08-16

The game has been great, until the update from 7-31-17 and now every time I try a raid it errors out. Everything else seems to work fine. Samsung Galaxy S7

Posted by MAX 2017-08-14

The Graphics are very very Poor. Takes a lot of time to Load. Kabam what happened to your Quality???

Posted by Christopher Tiam Watt 2017-08-14

It could have been a nice game but it crashes a lot

Posted by 2017-08-12

Nice gam3

Posted by Rizal Ramli 2017-08-11

Booooooooooo the games COOL but the loading is soooooooooooooo longggggggggg

Posted by Barrel General 2017-08-11

I can't get passed the second fight every time I tap on it,it shuts down the app please fix this

Posted by alec simon 2017-08-11

Eh it gets repetitive

Posted by ZecyGamingOnline 2017-08-10


Posted by Gareth Maskell 2017-08-09

Keeps lagging in the middle of a fight and kicks me out so don t gain what I was winning

Posted by Mustafa Tqu 2017-08-09

اللعبة تحتوي علي مشكلة ، كل خطوة يكون هناك تحميل بعنوان يتم تحميل المدخرات !!

Posted by Pneurotic Neu 2017-08-09

Very slow, will not even connect if there is not high enough data rate.

Posted by Kelvin Niti 2017-08-08

Great fighting mechanic but gameplay is very grinding oriented. App is very buggy especially on android version. Freezes in almost every battle. Its a well known problem which has been around since launch. Why is it not fixed yet?

Posted by 2017-08-07

It would be better if it didn't need WiFi

Posted by Harsh chauhan 2017-08-07


Posted by Twix Rix 2017-08-07

Worst game ever kabam

Posted by Yong Teck 2017-08-05

Keep having "downloading assets" when waiting to fight the enemy in the next node. No WiFi to update and got no information about using your mobile data to update

Posted by 2017-08-05

Boring game, you always win and you cant run this game without net.

Posted by Kevin Courtnay 2017-08-05

Lags all the time. Locks up and has to restart constantly. Loved the graphics and game play when it would work.

Posted by James Delmonte 2017-08-05

This game sucks

Posted by Rohan Rance 2017-08-03

Problems connecting to servers and logging in plagued my short time with the game. An interesting title that doesn't seem to have the infastructure to support it.

Posted by Marshall Hadwin 2017-08-03


Posted by sobay vo 2017-08-01


Posted by south3rncomfrt 2017-08-01

Gacha game with too many currencies. The UI is a mess and they shove bundles and promos in your face at every turn. The gameplay is good and the graphics are top notch but there are too many progression issues in the game unless you pay money. And this prices are steep too. So many systems that aren't really explained well make for a headache.

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Join Optimus Prime, Megatron, and your favorite Transformers characters in the exciting new action-fighting RPG that brings the heroic storytelling and spectacular robot-vehicle action from 30 years of Transformers history to your mobile device!

Master responsive touch controls in intense one-on-one combat, form mighty alliances and battle against others in a beautiful world of stunning 3D graphics and epic scale. With heroic characters under your command, become the ultimate Transformers leader, and battle for supremacy in a world that is “More Than Meets the Eye.”

●Collect and control iconic robots from the entire Transformers universe, including the animated TV series, toys, comics and blockbuster films
●Battle other players in intense, 1v1 combat with ranged fire, destructible terrain, huge 3D arenas and devastating robot-vehicle attacks
●Experience an epic world rendered in stunning 3D graphics
●Discover an all-new, original Transformers story with classic heroes and villains
●Create a gauntlet of robots and defenses to protect your base from other players
●Set away teams and launch raids on enemy bases for loot and rewards
●Team up with your friends, forge alliances and battle other players in global events

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