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Posted by Will Lebron 2017-09-12

You guys suck, how do you create a game that I must've spent like 500$ investing in and it keeps krashing all day so bad that I can't play. Plz fix it or refund me all my money from da start.

Posted by rocky kadam 2017-09-11

I liked this game but it consumes lot of data pliz fix this problem

Posted by 2017-09-11

You guys really messed up the raid portion of the game you really need to change it back to the way it was, cause the way it is now, sux

Posted by 2017-09-11

Rigged cash grab. Support team is non existent.

Posted by Adrian K 2017-09-11

Kabam are just a money driven machine install at your own peril

Posted by Tagz Media Films 2017-09-10

What a rip off just did my monthly 27$ crystals and got only 1 3* i didnt have no 4* at all what the hell Im so done with this game i had fun playing it but i hate being ripped off.

Posted by Charles Bryant 2017-09-10

Your crystal drop is rigged opened so many without a decent payout... you shouldn't have to pay to play or pay to receive a decent payout you keep your players interested by offering a 50/50 chance to receive good prizes for the time/money spent... This is vary upsetting and I feel the payout.. if it were random.. We all would have a extreme progression rate and decent bots to help us along the way too many people modding patching and hacking to gain the top prize an ranks. I myself am against cheating but seeing the position there in with no work or $ spent it looks as if its the only way to climb the ladder in your game. I'll still be here... trying to climb.. We need to feel as if we actually gain something after opening that many crystals...... This is BS...

Posted by Abhishek Ratnu 2017-09-10

Not support in Samsung j26

Posted by Jon B 2017-09-10

horrible gameplay,lags glitches conveniently as youre winning,or you have an advantage.forcing you to use precious resources,to revive and repair.

Posted by kshitishkum 2017-09-10

Don't play this game its lagging in fight i m frustrated i have 4gb ram phone with this game kabam u need to fix this issue n give us a smooth game play like mcoc n

Posted by Robert Orozco 2017-09-10

Great game but only play for free. No decent bots and only low level duplicates with even 100 premium crystals. Support just says sorry for your bad luck when you spend money and get nothing. PLAY ONLY FOR FREE!!

Posted by Ralph Gamer 2017-09-09

I can't even play it I start the game and it says that there is an error I uninstalled and installed it 3 times and it does the same

Posted by Stacy Nelsen Vasquez 2017-09-09


Posted by Ch. Matu Ram College of Education 2017-09-09

Bekar ha

Posted by 2017-09-09

I never even got to play would never log in

Posted by Hari Chand 2017-09-09

Baddest game ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by soham soham 2017-09-09


Posted by Colin Odonnell 2017-09-08

Game sucks. Glichy and costly. Avoid at all cost

Posted by christina askay 2017-09-08

Are Kabam games ever gonna stop cheating and being glitchy?Kabam mike don't lie to us.

Posted by Pallisetti Rao 2017-09-08

This is game is hell tell that it need a additional file OK I had accepted but it is telling that it doesn't support 3gb ram mobile lol just don't download my req and don't waste your time and mb in this

Posted by 2017-09-08

Please Don't download

Posted by Naveenreddy Pammi 2017-09-08

Bad app don't use it

Posted by shahriar joy 2017-09-08

too much downloading between fights,disgusting!

Posted by LlamaLord 2017-09-08

Game is not running on 8.0 Nexus 6p. Tells me I have no space to download the game data even though I have the space. Bug needs to be fixed.

Posted by #FF69B4Holdon #FF0000Hana 2017-09-08

Lags crashes andriod graphics suck

Posted by ZEROUS TM 2017-09-07

Very laggy, always freezing, long loading screen, and even the audio of the game completely off. Like I can't even play this game smoothly and uncomfortable. Fix this A.S.A.P or give us a graphics option to make the game run smooth.

Posted by Zzem 539 2017-09-07

To much downloading assets... After play the game... Its downloading assets again... Again... Again and again... after waiting the downloading assets for about an hour, then play the game... After that, need to downloading assets again... And wait for about an hour again... Tired, bored, suck... Hate this game... Hate to waiting downloading assets again and again and again and again and again... Im using android phone, OPPO F1s... Samsung A9... Samsung J7... Samsung NoteIII... Still the same, downloading assets... Again, again and again...

Posted by 2017-09-07

So many download Ind assect

Posted by Lokesh Chandrakar 2017-09-06

This has a very huge bug.... You have to download the game as many times as you play for lots of mb's.... Never download kabam games.. I downloaded contest of champions of kabam that was also having same problem.... I suggest supercell games instead of this.

Posted by 2017-09-06

Here's a keeps crashing therefore I'm done with this waste of a game I'll try other apps for've all been warned

Posted by Ankit Jha 2017-09-06

For first time play it was a good experience later I realised that all is just waste of time, In raid fight we fight with bots not to another human player Please save your time and money and download a good game.

Posted by Kannan Nair 2017-09-06

Played the game since first day but still not got a 3 star bot already opened 100 of crystal but everytime I get 1or2 star bot come on guys don't cheat the players

Posted by Kutbuddin Abbas 2017-09-05

Kabam i m ur fan as i play marvel contest of champions, graphics of transfomer is so poor compare to c.o.c and it lags during playing. I uninstalled this game immediately after playing few fights not up to kabam standards, just wasted my 100mb.

Posted by Xtremelaughs lol. 2017-09-05

BRING BACK TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by 2017-09-05

Its says that this game doesnt officially support my device..even tho this is running pretty well but the visual of the bot is no 5 star from me..hope u guys r working on this issue

Posted by kyle hoggarth 2017-09-05

Really wish it was easier to get a friendly active alliance on here if that happened i may give 3 star but there is alot left to be done which i already sent a ticket in explaining. I just hope to see mainly the shards in rewards and solo events to come in the future.....

Posted by THAT GUY 16 2017-09-04

Poop on this game

Posted by Arati Shah 2017-09-03

Boring game it is online in my iPhone

Posted by Jayden Peck 2017-09-02

My game won't load up as soon as I launch it, it tells me it has stopped working

Posted by Joseph Kozubowski 2017-09-02

Every time I buy a premium bot crystal it gives me a bot I already have! Mind you I only had 6 bots collected. What a joke!! Uninstalling.

Posted by Vasagam Mani 2017-09-02


Posted by Sachin Chaudhary 2017-09-02

Bad don't work being online too

Posted by Scott Petersen 2017-09-01

Unstable once I made a purchase. Customer service has been horrible. Have been trying to get a refund since I can't use anything I l purchased (weeks and counting so far).

Posted by Masamune Felix 2017-09-01

Cant open

Posted by Megan Lau 2017-08-31

Slow loading The game loading is so slow and it make my phone so lag, is really fun, but pls fix it

Posted by Sagnik Ray 2017-08-31

Its graphics are good but it is sooo easy game will be a good game if it is hard

Posted by Muz Begovic 2017-08-31

Would not connect on wifi or mobile networks

Posted by Akaisha Quinn 2017-08-30

It won't download for me

Posted by Sanata X 2017-08-28

It's used to b a good game but this one sucks big time.. one star

Posted by DANIELO1SMONSTER 2017-08-27

I tried to update it when I have a lot of space and it doesn't update and it kicks me out

Posted by Jeffrey Cater 2017-08-27

Huge disappointment. Constant problems. This game has been out for approx 6 months and continues to have a lot of problems. Periods of freezing for 2 to 5 min, the A.I. is very inconsistent, and the support is sub-par at best. Never has a game had more potential been this disappointing.

Posted by 2017-08-27

Slow loading are kitna loading game to chalu karo worst game don't downloadit

Posted by Dhanush Raj 2017-08-26

Idiot app, game is too short to play take lot of loading time than playing, it's data drinker...... Bad game

Posted by Hirdya Rana 2017-08-26

The game is constantly crashing and freezing.

Posted by 2017-08-26

It take too much time to getting open and all

Posted by seru manekantta 2017-08-26

Hi,I am playing this game daily for 4-10 hrs.when I get premium and enraged crystical and some crystal that consists of 3 to 4 stars BOTs but I didn't get them.They are fooling in the name of luck.when I go to ARENA and RAID fights it automatically closes when I reopen the entire Bots energy gone I am using Moto G5 plus mobile(4GB RAM).only one Bot can use special attack while fighting,when I used it how other opponent bot can use at the same time? And some when I tried to used special attack where energy Meyer is full it does not work and giving chance to opponent and I am I level is the worst game that I played and full waste of my time

Posted by Joshua Antoine 2017-08-25

I dont wanna push and. See two move combinations

Posted by Francis Doranth 2017-08-25

Never allows you to upgrade after a certain point and sparks are damn near impossible to find. So you're constantly fighting players 100, 200, 300 points above you.

Posted by Kabita Baniya 2017-08-25

This is the worst game I hate it very very bad

Posted by 2017-08-24


Posted by Timothy Clements 2017-08-24

I would not recommend that anyone download this game. It is rife with freezing, lagging and crashing issues. Every time I try to play it with my brand new phone on a major network with full bars of the 4G LTE signal, it freezes and crashes. This game sucks.

Posted by 2017-08-24

loading loading loading loading loading loading loading loading loading loading loading loading.........................................

Posted by Umesh Khare 2017-08-24

I does not like this game because it take many time to play

Posted by Whitefan Growtopia 2017-08-24

bad robot

Posted by Lome Ezehi 2017-08-24


Posted by SAURAV KUMAR 2017-08-24

It does not play offline. What the point in installing the game then if you can't play it offline

Posted by Nani Pasupulati 2017-08-24

Worst game

Posted by dhanushkp putta 2017-08-24

Very bad game

Posted by Súnñy Stylès 2017-08-23

Worst game ever seen always telling download aset

Posted by Niraj Harwankar 2017-08-23

You should give 4 star bot in cristle so I will give 5 star

Posted by chirag chavan 2017-08-23

the new update sucks , not allowing me to log in , saying space is very low where m having 30gb free extrnal n 23gb internal , it lead me to uninstall n install n still not wrking at all.... reverse d upgrade or send d new upgrade immediately, lost all ma game till date .. dats really a very sad thing when u reach up so high n game software sucks uh

Posted by Ramanuj Bhardwaj 2017-08-23

Kachra game

Posted by 2017-08-22

It only says downloding assets and again downloding assets pithatic game

Posted by 2017-08-22

Loved it

Posted by 2017-08-22

Who maded this gane should go to hell it take a lot of time on my ios7.This is the worst game I want to say that dont download this guys its the time waste

Posted by Ramachandra Agnihotri 2017-08-22


Posted by Kylo Knight 2017-08-21

I can't play to much because of lag on my phone.And make an offline mission. Pls.

Posted by greegsavge bruhland 2017-08-21


Posted by Days Alone 2017-08-21

Was one of my favourite games until the last update. Now it keeps saying it needs 470 mb free on my phone to download the update even though I have freed up more that 3 extra gigs, it still says the same thing. If you could fix whatever is going on I'd go back to a 5 star rating.. Also! Bring back that old battle bots game u had back in the days of iPhone 4 Can't get into the game because that space message come up and then I get an error and it shuts down

Posted by Abhishek Bansode 2017-08-21

Worst game in the world. I play this game for 15 min only ,and it consumes my 300MB data ,and I am not playing a single match only ,it is very slow to run in my phone .Very very data consumes game .Not at all ...

Posted by Wolfshadow Shadow clan 2017-08-21

I changed my mind I hate it it is bad and tak -es Most of your space on your tablet or phone

Posted by Saksham Ganeriwala 2017-08-21

hangs a bit

Posted by 2017-08-20

This is a stupid game

Posted by 2017-08-20


Posted by 2017-08-20

Hey guys I loved the game before but now it seems to be a cheet. It was to about to give a prime on day 7 daily reward but on the final time it changed to a boost crystal. I mean what is this complete cheat. Game makers please correct that n I'm giving u 5 stars fast

Posted by Josh Crous 2017-08-20

Kabam... please help me figure out whats going on, I cant load the game at all. I am aware of the downloads it has to do, and it has now downloaded 720mb. But whenever I open the game, it loads and loads and loads, and then crashes. Please help? I really want to play this again

Posted by Gawbeo37 Popo 2017-08-20

So I got a 2 star optimus prime. I didn't really care since it was a gift from another purchase. But I never got him. To be honest I couldn't care less but if this happened to me I can guess that I'm not the only one who didn't get what they purchased.

Posted by Darklordjadow1 2017-08-20

Poor performance with frequent stutters and freezes and it absolutely BURNS through mobile data.

Posted by ANUBHAV JAIN 2017-08-20

Please tell this game is offline or offline.. reply me as soon thank you

Posted by 2017-08-20

It's boring game

Posted by 2017-08-20

It told to go to storage

Posted by Harish Gulati 2017-08-20

Never download this game

Posted by 2017-08-20

Never download this game error is coming in this game this game is like garbage never never never download it

Posted by Arunesh Sarker 2017-08-19

The new update is not a game it's a huge bucket of downloads my entire netpack finished but the game download didn't stop worst online game

Posted by 2017-08-19

The new update sucks. I downloaded the game 5 times... But it still closes after loading please kabam. Help me to get rid of it

Posted by Noor Noor 2017-08-19

The game is not like what it is showing in the screenshots and the graphics are very poor

Posted by Sanam Vaishnavam Sanam Vaishnavam 2017-08-19

This is net game not good

Posted by Jaymin Ganeshar 2017-08-19

This new update is horrible.. I cannot open crystals... this games getting hanged... nd every were problems of hanging.. Bad graphic s.. nd

Posted by alan kay 2017-08-19

Horrible game

Posted by Michael Madden 2017-08-19

The game crashes more often than not. The update didn't change anything, except for adding more useless junk to buy for a feature that will be forgotten in a week. Raid revenge never works. Dialogue between characters is weak, and full of errors; you have Soundwave speaking in both the first and third person in the same sentence. Get it together.

Posted by 2017-08-19

Pls give more bots for free..!

Posted by ritu kesharwani 2017-08-19

Did not start some ID UI Error occurs while starting

Posted by Biswajit Bora 2017-08-19

It was faltu

Posted by Archana Baraik 2017-08-18

Worst game ever..

Posted by Shawn Scott 2017-08-18

Lags,crashes n loading sucks.tired of pay to wim games.if you want money then it shouldnt be a free game.

Posted by Nan money 2017-08-18

The worst game i have played

Posted by Dipak Kohli 2017-08-18

I reviewed this well before. Since last update the game crashes on Raids so much. I have now had this happen 6 times and been unable to complete the raids. I mean it has happened in 6 different raids and had to restart 4 or 5 times on each one but still couldn't do it. Lost shields and all the raid chips I would have got. Really not happy

Posted by The EJEM 2017-08-18

This game suck..! I'am so excited to play this game then when i play it says you need to be login then I login and then it says your performance is low you might lose. And it crash

Posted by Iwan Setiawan 2017-08-18

Actually I love this game. The graphic is great. The problems are 1. New update requires downloading too many data inside 2. Too much lag 3. Loading takes much time

Posted by MEGA MVINCEABLE 2017-08-18


Posted by George Lee 2017-08-18

The game is buggy often requiring multiple logins and failed login attempts. Progress energy is slow to accumulate and the collecting of robots is stingy, often they try to up sell you. Revenge raids often don't work, and now I'm getting freezes mid battle on a unrolled stock Samsung s8+. I want to like this game but the play is repetitive and way too frustrating to try to play because of the pay2win nature.

Posted by Vishal Vaibhav 2017-08-18

I dint even play it even for one minute very poor

Posted by Jimmy Wan 2017-08-18

Latest patch makes raids crash. Don't know why I even upgraded, the previous patch was working fine.

Posted by Lok Bohara 2017-08-18

Its took too long for loading

Posted by Amar Jyoti Sarmah 2017-08-18

Good game

Posted by Muhammad Muiz Zulkfili 2017-08-18

After update. More problem, man. Gotta fix that.

Posted by Lean Esguerra 2017-08-18

I hate this game the graphics is so high not the last one because of the new update I can't open my transformers forged to fight

Posted by Halal BDS 2017-08-17

The worst game I have ever downloaded.First it is 92 mb game.then I had to download an additional file.And when I started playing I spend 50 mb data in 1 minute but the game was still loading and consuming my data. This is to its creators.I think you should upgrade it to consume low data when play. I play 4 internet game and they only consume 10-15 mb data per hour. But your game took 50 mb in a minute. I didn't play the game so I am not rating the controls and graphic. And if you make it low data consumables then I will again down load it and play it.

Posted by Laurence Bergonio 2017-08-17


Posted by Julie Foster 2017-08-17


Posted by Gurjiwan Singh 2017-08-17

Poor graphics and no offline gameplay

Posted by Jaiswal Kaushal 2017-08-17

Very bad game

Posted by 2017-08-17

It is a block bluster

Posted by Dazz Storm 2017-08-17

Needs a lot of work, same as mcoc but better as it's Transformers instead. The game is buggy and crashes loads... Overheating occurs from 5 minutes of playing on any device too.

Posted by Björn Löfman 2017-08-17

Complains about to little memory left then exit's, although I have several gigs free.

Posted by Ankit Budania 2017-08-16

This app consuming lots of data by online , it eat 200 mb data in just 5 min of playing

Posted by Foxy The pirate 2017-08-16

I didn't even play the game because everytime i fight it crashes waste of my time. Worse app ever

Posted by Vincent Li 2017-08-16

In game update download is disturbing is very annoying. It would be better to download a big size file/update once in the beginning rather than downloading it each time loading.

Posted by NAHID KADIR 2017-08-16

More than 10 times unknown error is occurred... Irritating

Posted by cog_gear_aka_onyx_guard reaper 2017-08-16

It won't connect my Google play account to the servers please fix it's been doing it since last Friday

Posted by kishore kumar 2017-08-16


Posted by Sharon F 2017-08-16

Too many glitches, too many duplicates, extremely rare if at all you get 3 or 4 star bots. Constantly crashing. Tech help not good they just made excuses and not actually help. It's rigged to make you buy stuff if you want anything good and in my case when i did buy premium bots it still gave me 2 star bots or duplicates. It will cause you to lose fights a lot cause of the freezing screens. Out of all my games i play including another Transformer game none ever glitch as bad as this game or freezes up.

Posted by chairul umam 2017-08-15

Too many download

Posted by Ketan Kumar 2017-08-15

Tati Game Mario is better than this

Posted by Zer8 Bigger Number Than You 2017-08-15


Posted by Regi Rudolph 2017-08-15

Installed and was so glitch had to uninstall

Posted by Jamie Terry 2017-08-14

It's a perfect example of Pay to Play. I've played since the app arrived on the store, and only one 3 star bot. And no 4 stars.. waste of time!!

Posted by iNasty GT 2017-08-14

13 minute i lost 235mb ._.

Posted by Living Metal 2017-08-14

Uses a gift card and upon unsuccessfully adding fund, I get a message for a prize that I will receive Optimus Prime 3 stars if I download and play this game. So why not, did everything I was told 2 do and guess what? No 3 star anything! Pure nonsense

Posted by Double Gamer 2017-08-14

Kutta game hai

Posted by Michael Sullivan 2017-08-14

Kabam are scumbags. My account was compromised and they had NO sympathy to the charges made to my account. Just a bunch of greedy jerks. Stay away from their apps.

Posted by Sarvpreet Singh 2017-08-14

Worst game in the world

Posted by robert young 2017-08-13

I DOONot like it!

Posted by man deep 2017-08-13

Fuddu game

Posted by Bernard 2017-08-13

Permission not granted fu developers

Posted by wong victor 2017-08-13

Keep loading in every situation, loading time longer than playing time

Posted by The wanderer 2017-08-12

Non compatible For some reason i downloaded it and it isn't compatible for my device(according to the error message)it sucked

Posted by dustin herring 2017-08-12

Do not download this game unless you want to waste time waiting for it to download additional stuff that takes to Long

Posted by Ruben Martinez 2017-08-12

Broken Game Without Trades. This game will continue to get a low rating until I'm granted a 3-Star IronHide... and without the ability to fair trade EVEN bots with friends, that'll NEVER happen!

Posted by Arnab Mondal 2017-08-12

Only downloads !

Posted by Bela Turkey 2017-08-12

Very baDddddddddddddddddddd game

Posted by Dr.nageshwar kumar 2017-08-12

Everytime when i put to download it fails after 98% just hated this ehhhh................

Posted by Paul Mel's Nature76344 2017-08-11

Just terrible in every way

Posted by Thala Vijay 2017-08-11

Good game but Loss my internet data

Posted by 2017-08-11

What the problem is with this game download it once then opening the app and again needs to required 40mb to download additional file and many things than after starting it takes almost 5 minutes and it works but takes 300mb in 30 minutes. Men this game completely **** to is just a ******* game. Thanks to read this ****game reviews.

Posted by Honey Akash 2017-08-10

Waste of time. Admin what is this game have no control lots of. Time for starting this apps

Posted by arvind singh 2017-08-10

Slow and takes too much of time

Posted by Yash Malviya 2017-08-10

Graphics are not like shown in pics

Posted by shariman mad shah iman 2017-08-09

Dont download this game..very2 slow

Posted by Rathod Pragnesh 2017-08-09


Posted by Wahidah Samri 2017-08-08

I hate this game . When i attack other player the loading so long and when i want to start attack the times out

Posted by raaj soni 2017-08-08


Posted by 2017-08-07

Dont wast your net because these game is horst

Posted by Syed Imran Ahmad 2017-08-07

Veryyyyyyyyyyy poor game

Posted by 2017-08-07

Good game but this downloading assets is very slow because I hate this game

Posted by Lupin de Fourth 2017-08-07

A copy cat game style from MCOC. Same game play setup, etc. It is a boring game. Decided to uninstall it. > Another Money Grab Game

Posted by 2017-08-07

I only got to play 2 rounds after I downloaded the game then I rage quit.loding makes me mad because I'm used to 1 loding but in this game there are 3 loding in a row.So please fix that

Posted by Dr Nasir Abbas 2017-08-07

It lode very late

Posted by 2017-08-07

Omg the game is horrible it take soooooooooooooo much time to load..

Posted by William Baumgartner 2017-08-06

Fun game when it actually works. Game constantly freezes and shuts down. Also takes a ling time to load.

Posted by TUG: The Unnamed Guy 2017-08-06

It's just a slower, clunkier, and poorly animated version of Contest of Champions. Plus it's based on lame robots instead of awesome superheroes and villains.

Posted by MAK G6 2017-08-06

Loading...loading..loading..and loading.... never end loading...i dont want to wait 10 min each time i want to play

Posted by Jajji Butt 2017-08-06

It's time vaste it is very bad game

Posted by 2017-08-05

Bad game of all time

Posted by 2017-08-05


Posted by K GE 2017-08-04

Brilliant game. However, the game shows that there is a 4* BUMBLEBEE, in the game but I haven't seen any yet and I have been playing sonce the start of the year. Otherwise, awesome game with hreat playable characters. Also could you make the Premium Bot crystal a bit more realiable to get 4 stars? Thanks.

Posted by Robert Crittenden 2017-08-04

Don't waste your time. No explanations of upgrading. Buy crystals for specific transformers. Never get them. Game won't load half the time even with WiFi. Thumbs down

Posted by Pamela Barnes 2017-08-04

I can't play it because I got a lot of data

Posted by Andrew Ramkumar 2017-08-04

Terrible lottery system rigged to force you to spend money greedy developers even when you spend money you don't get any thing scam artists never playing kabam games again

Posted by Marawan Ayman 2017-08-04

It is ok

Posted by Bukola Ale 2017-08-04

I am not a hater but in multiplayer they don't give someone evenly matched

Posted by bionabot 7234 2017-08-03

In the game, you can't even kick robot ass, you have to chew all your bubble gum first and watch the waiting screens roll by in roughly an hour and 47 minutes.. of waiting.. where's the ass kicking? Where's the clashing metal? Where's anything remotely fun? Answer: no where

Posted by indira m 2017-08-03

Very bad game

Posted by Amit Sarkar 2017-08-03

I had it

Posted by Kevin Avatar 2017-08-02

gua udah ngumpulin 100 crstal cuman dapet arce

Posted by David Chung 2017-08-02

Can't select bot before a fight which makes it hard to complete missions. Please fix this

Posted by 2017-08-02

It is a very very very poor game

Posted by Laila Sayyad 2017-08-02

Worst game in the world

Posted by Dem Skillz 2017-08-02

I played the BETA so it was a lot different than what I was used to. The loads are longer and I think my BETA data is messing with the update I just did. Now everything takes a billion years to load. Its so slow it crashed.

Posted by Jeremy Watson 2017-08-01

Don't know why but it kicks me out before I can even get started

Posted by Anshul Chauhan 2017-07-31

Take to much time to start and less time to uninstall

Posted by Matthias Winship 2017-07-31

Hard to rate since you never get to play. Load times are so ridiculously long and then it force crashes.

Posted by Mike Smart 2017-07-31

Just save it and it will still lose your game data

Posted by L Galea 2017-07-30

I don't like it because you have Autobots fighting other Autobots and decepticons fighting over decepticons and I really don't like it

Posted by Robert Wilk 2017-07-30

I spent so much time getting a enraged crystal and all i get is a 2 star bot

Posted by 2017-07-30

There is a problem with the characters all blacked out. Don't know how I can fix it. Can you help?

Posted by 2017-07-30

Worst game ever played...

Posted by Sahil Shaikh 2017-07-29

Why it needs screen overdelay option plz fix bug and text me back

Posted by Raj Kumar 2017-07-29


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Calling all Autobots and Decepticons!

Join Optimus Prime, Megatron, and your favorite Transformers characters in the exciting new action-fighting RPG that brings the heroic storytelling and spectacular robot-vehicle action from 30 years of Transformers history to your mobile device!

Master responsive touch controls in intense one-on-one combat, form mighty alliances and battle against others in a beautiful world of stunning 3D graphics and epic scale. With heroic characters under your command, become the ultimate Transformers leader, and battle for supremacy in a world that is “More Than Meets the Eye.”

●Collect and control iconic robots from the entire Transformers universe, including the animated TV series, toys, comics and blockbuster films
●Battle other players in intense, 1v1 combat with ranged fire, destructible terrain, huge 3D arenas and devastating robot-vehicle attacks
●Experience an epic world rendered in stunning 3D graphics
●Discover an all-new, original Transformers story with classic heroes and villains
●Create a gauntlet of robots and defenses to protect your base from other players
●Set away teams and launch raids on enemy bases for loot and rewards
●Team up with your friends, forge alliances and battle other players in global events

Roll Out!

TRANSFORMERS is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2017 Hasbro. Licensed by Hasbro. TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight software © 2017 Kabam, Inc. Developed by Kabam. All rights reserved.

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