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Posted by Bhushan Patekar 2017-09-13

Very interesting

Posted by Jason Inman 2017-09-13

Kicka$$ game!!

Posted by Biji Krishnan 2017-09-12

I lòved this game

Posted by Johnny85125 2017-09-12

It's okay

Posted by esp7781 2017-09-12

Fun battle game

Posted by Paras Jain 2017-09-12

It's awesome

Posted by Battineni Gopi Krishna 2017-09-12

Excellent graphics excellent game play very addictive

Posted by Xion Abad 2017-09-12

Its a great game. But either combat is way too short, like 9 hits, even if the enemy isnt weak. Or too tough, and its so hard to earn Health Kits. And we cant even buy anything with gold, just treasury and for upgrades. Its almost useless, so maybe we can have more options with gold. Also graphics are pretty lame for LG K7. I know it can handle more, but just isnt to the max in this game. Also loads a long time. Question... do we get a new Base look soon. Pretty dark colors.

Posted by gene davis 2017-09-12

Good gameplay

Posted by Devin Sharp 2017-09-12

Love it

Posted by Brendon Alexander 2017-09-12

Its great so far. The load times need fixing though. UPDATE: Kabam are scum. There's no excuse for all the lag.

Posted by Kayla Lambeth 2017-09-12


Posted by APC106 2017-09-12

Its pretty cool. Just wish they would add G1 Bumblebee

Posted by 2017-09-12

Things should be less expensive.

Posted by e. wilbur 2017-09-12

Fun tapper but a.i needs to be slightly harder. Running over them. Automated moves not always a good thing. Long for the days of controller moves with strategy. DISTINCT UNIQUE MOVES THAT MAKES FOR STRONGER DEFENCE MOVES WOULD MAKE THIS GAME LEGENDARY. Too much focus on attacking. Take the tapper out of it, just blind mist and can get somewhat silly. Even so 5 stars all the way...

Posted by Jordan Wilson 2017-09-12


Posted by donkey guy but not really 2017-09-12


Posted by Giacomo Carrasquillo 2017-09-12

One of the most Beast Transformer games in the whole world

Posted by Qutbuddin Pardawala 2017-09-12

Forged to Fight is a great game but has serious issues. There was massive logging issue until the last update. Connectivity issues still plague the game. The controls are not as responsive as one would want and the gameplay gets repetitive a little too soon. Also serious screen freeze and frame drop issues make you not want to take it seriously. Jump of difficulty is too steep from act 1 to 2. A decent try for me.

Posted by Mega Prime 2017-09-12

I think I lied a little bit but I just love Transformers

Posted by Steven Holland 2017-09-12

Need more original G1 bots.

Posted by TIRIN KRISHNA Barman 2017-09-12

I like it but it takes so much time in loading.

Posted by Will Lebron 2017-09-12

You guys suck, how do you create a game that I must've spent like 500$ investing in and it keeps krashing all day so bad that I can't play. Plz fix it or refund me all my money from da start.

Posted by Penguin Plays 2017-09-12

I love the game so much. So I rate the game 5 stars also if your are away from the enemy you can shoot them and that is a neat touch also can you add drift from the last Knight and optumis prime from the last kinght too and I enjoy the game but if you are a transformers fan like me you will enjoy

Posted by CryptoStudent3 2017-09-12

I like it but the amount of star age it takes up is dumb

Posted by Ronit K. 2017-09-12

Wow it's a great game

Posted by shahin shiddhique 2017-09-12

Nice game

Posted by Michelle Griddinekygj 2017-09-12

I watch transformers and playing it

Posted by Monalisha Majhi 2017-09-12

Realest gameplay

Posted by MINATO fourth hokage 2017-09-12

Great generation

Posted by shafizee ashabulyamin 2017-09-12

best and i like about gundam ada quest player????

Posted by Teddy Prayogo Yuono 2017-09-12

Its a amazing game that i ever played

Posted by sumansumansuman111 sumansumansuman111 2017-09-12

very nice do the fight thedsaweg7gg9tw4wy87680i0uu..........

Posted by 2017-09-12

Raids should be done with our class opponents and to find a new match 250 gold should be taken not emergon

Posted by Supriyo Mishra 2017-09-12

i totally loved this came one of my best games.but its so complicated that i cant understand everything there must be something that should help us to know it better.

Posted by 2017-09-12

Best game is this

Posted by brock thrailkill 2017-09-12


Posted by John Pachuau 2017-09-11

Wish there was a minicons

Posted by Carlos Reyes 2017-09-11

I'll like to see better graphics

Posted by Gagan Yadav 2017-09-11

Just I can say is that this game i s awesome

Posted by Moses Poon 2017-09-11


Posted by ThatRandomNoah 2017-09-11

Awesome game with a some what interesting story.

Posted by Bramzon Tejera 2017-09-11

It intresting and amazing

Posted by rocky kadam 2017-09-11

I liked this game but it consumes lot of data pliz fix this problem

Posted by NITIN PATHAK 2017-09-11

Lovely game

Posted by Resident Weevil 2017-09-11

Bit grindy and the fights can become a bit repetitive but good fun especially as more moves unlock. Great graphics and fast gameplay.

Posted by 2017-09-11

I have loved transformers since I was 3 and I love this game. ameame

Posted by 2017-09-11

You guys really messed up the raid portion of the game you really need to change it back to the way it was, cause the way it is now, sux

Posted by Frenches Fritz 2017-09-11


Posted by Jacob Van Riper 2017-09-11

V. Good

Posted by Justice Beenken-Witt 2017-09-11


Posted by Logan Pierce 2017-09-11

Love it

Posted by 2017-09-11

The best game ever Im impressed Amazing Awesome

Posted by Derrick Dickison 2017-09-11

Awesome very fun

Posted by Zsolt Oliver 2017-09-11

This game is awesome!!!!!!!!

Posted by charlie morton 2017-09-11

Love the game, huge fan of transformers since they came out but the graphics on this game need some work, once that's fixed it'll be the bes t game I've played in awhile

Posted by Clay Taylor 2017-09-11

Very fun. Easy to learn the game play. You don't have to spend money to have fun with it.

Posted by Damzer0 2017-09-11

Great game and not too many adds. Easy to play.

Posted by phoenix morrison 2017-09-11

Worth it

Posted by 2017-09-11

Rigged cash grab. Support team is non existent.

Posted by 2017-09-11


Posted by 2017-09-11

Ice Games Make Many more Games Like This

Posted by James Burns 2017-09-11

I like this game

Posted by Steven Ahrens 2017-09-11

Ok graphics action packed

Posted by Maaz Khan 2017-09-11

Nice game

Posted by Adam Murdock 2017-09-11

It's ok just hard to get it cause it's a big game

Posted by 2017-09-11

Best transformers game of my life

Posted by Bryton White 2017-09-11

I loved it

Posted by Melinda Hill 2017-09-11

Love it

Posted by 2017-09-11

Very nice game. I m big fan of bumblebee and price

Posted by DEVEN JADHAV 2017-09-11


Posted by Pratyush Anand 2017-09-11

Awesome graphics

Posted by Bijit Saikia 2017-09-11

Ky game he...maaja aa gaya...

Posted by Adrian K 2017-09-11

Kabam are just a money driven machine install at your own peril

Posted by Hishoredad Hishore Dad 2017-09-11

Very good

Posted by Venkatarathnam Prudvi 2017-09-11

Coolest game that I have played is Transformers Forged to fight

Posted by vijay rajagopal 2017-09-11

Great stuff

Posted by Rk Shrub hanker 2017-09-11

It is the best game we can do oto mode

Posted by 2017-09-11

This is my lifes best game.I love this game

Posted by Frederick Wapass 2017-09-11

Its an awesome game to pass time and its fun

Posted by Niraj Kumar 2017-09-11

It is real game of transformar

Posted by 2017-09-10

Good game all good try it

Posted by Arya Chakraborty 2017-09-10

Overall good game

Posted by John Zuur 2017-09-10

It keeps you busy good game

Posted by Tagz Media Films 2017-09-10

What a rip off just did my monthly 27$ crystals and got only 1 3* i didnt have no 4* at all what the hell Im so done with this game i had fun playing it but i hate being ripped off.

Posted by Charles Bryant 2017-09-10

Your crystal drop is rigged opened so many without a decent payout... you shouldn't have to pay to play or pay to receive a decent payout you keep your players interested by offering a 50/50 chance to receive good prizes for the time/money spent... This is vary upsetting and I feel the payout.. if it were random.. We all would have a extreme progression rate and decent bots to help us along the way too many people modding patching and hacking to gain the top prize an ranks. I myself am against cheating but seeing the position there in with no work or $ spent it looks as if its the only way to climb the ladder in your game. I'll still be here... trying to climb.. We need to feel as if we actually gain something after opening that many crystals...... This is BS...

Posted by COMBAT FOXY 2017-09-10

Is fun

Posted by Dani Miranda 2017-09-10

Good game for any Transformers fan, really nice grapichs and design, good gameplay and good game overall (although I would like to see G1 Bumblebee and Hot Rod/Rodimus) ;)

Posted by 2017-09-10

I want to tell kabam team that send more bots so that it can be more exciting and enjoyable and with no internet because i am always wasting mi internet. Thanks from the kabam team.

Posted by Abhishek Ratnu 2017-09-10

Not support in Samsung j26

Posted by Vishal Chauhan 2017-09-10

Nice games

Posted by Kenneth Smith 2017-09-10

Great game

Posted by Hugh Mcgown 2017-09-10

'Saw rite game.

Posted by Mehadda Clearbrook 2017-09-10

Despite the fact that my phone itself can't always keep up I still love the game. Graphics are great and the story is interesting.

Posted by Kyle Kreyling 2017-09-10

A little bit slow to get started and going but am okay game

Posted by 2017-09-10

Its a good games

Posted by DragonSlater812 Garcia 2017-09-10


Posted by Preston Havsgaard 2017-09-10

I think its a great gane but there should be voices with the charecters and there actuall voices would make it cooler

Posted by Shockwave 2016 2017-09-10

Awesome gameplay and cool graphics

Posted by 2017-09-10

Its awesome graphica everything is awesome

Posted by Marcelo jr. Facunla 2017-09-10

Good for kids.... after school....

Posted by Charles Okema 2017-09-10

This is the best game of transformers that i ever played

Posted by Ian Brown 2017-09-10

This game is soooo addictive. I have the movie grimlock already, not sure how, but hey, its cool.

Posted by NASCARman97 nas 2017-09-10

Great game

Posted by Timothy Williams 2017-09-10

Very nice love the characters

Posted by Brenda Thompson 2017-09-10


Posted by Seth Sanderlin 2017-09-10

The graphics are good and so is the game play

Posted by Miguelin Diaz 2017-09-10


Posted by courtney thomas 2017-09-10


Posted by I AM AWESOME 2017-09-10

Love this game best transformer on playstore

Posted by Matt Mick Finnegan 2017-09-10


Posted by 2017-09-10

They should add new skins and caracters

Posted by Jacob Acevedo 2017-09-10


Posted by 2017-09-10

Great combat simulation but a little hard on a control

Posted by WHEELCHAIR VLOGS 2017-09-10

Best transformer game ever

Posted by Jeremy Rucker 2017-09-10

Can't install the game now for some reason say need 460mb for extra content and I have 3 gigs please help

Posted by Rider Ankit 2017-09-10

Its osmmm

Posted by VisHnu Sreeraam 2017-09-10


Posted by Kashif Qureshi 2017-09-10

Okay graphic little better

Posted by Vidit Shetty 2017-09-10

It is a very good game

Posted by 2017-09-10

I love the game it's incredible

Posted by Nosiva siva 2017-09-10


Posted by Jon B 2017-09-10

horrible gameplay,lags glitches conveniently as youre winning,or you have an advantage.forcing you to use precious resources,to revive and repair.

Posted by Leslie pinkston 2017-09-10


Posted by vijit kumar 2017-09-10


Posted by Ritu Mahour 2017-09-10

Good think

Posted by Chris Rivera 2017-09-10

Best game ever

Posted by 2017-09-10

Posted by kshitishkum 2017-09-10

Don't play this game its lagging in fight i m frustrated i have 4gb ram phone with this game kabam u need to fix this issue n give us a smooth game play like mcoc n

Posted by Kenzxx ken 2017-09-10

Cool game

Posted by Miguel Jagessar 2017-09-10

The game is awsome

Posted by Vijay Dhansing Ade 2017-09-10

Very good good good good good good good good good good good good good good game

Posted by 2017-09-10

Good movie and very danger

Posted by Deepak Angadi 2017-09-10

Super it's nice game

Posted by Jeff Millin 2017-09-10

Great fighter game if you like transformers

Posted by Robert Orozco 2017-09-10

Great game but only play for free. No decent bots and only low level duplicates with even 100 premium crystals. Support just says sorry for your bad luck when you spend money and get nothing. PLAY ONLY FOR FREE!!

Posted by Pre Teen Guys John 2017-09-10

Loved it

Posted by Ernest Pak 2017-09-10

Wish to see more of different and latest bots.

Posted by Riju Chakraborty 2017-09-10

Good one

Posted by Yusuf Rahman 2017-09-10

Kabhi kadaar nai chal raha tha

Posted by sharmistha biswas 2017-09-10

Game Made for being rewarded with excellence

Posted by Marushca Fernandes 2017-09-10

Like this game

Posted by samea haleem 2017-09-10

Best transformers game ever seen

Posted by ronni kumar 2017-09-09

This defeat for fighting game best game

Posted by Ekamjeet Singh 2017-09-09

Posted by MineBroXGaming 2017-09-09

Good Very good but please dont make us really long to wait loading and yeah dont forget to make a help button

Posted by Tiffini Sysaeng 2017-09-09

Awesome E

Posted by Sanju Debbarma 2017-09-09

I hate Desipticons I chose Autobot and my favourite Autobot is Bumblebee

Posted by Shannon Barefoot 2017-09-09


Posted by David Anthony 2017-09-09

It's a very good game please update marvel contest of champions I want a update Kabam

Posted by Binita Verma 2017-09-09


Posted by DEEPJYOTI THakuria 2017-09-09


Posted by Subash Chandra Sahoo 2017-09-09


Posted by Sridevi Venkataramani 2017-09-09

I am a great fan

Posted by James Irby 2017-09-09

I love the game play and it's a easy game to play.I love the game.

Posted by 2017-09-09


Posted by Franky Tristan 2017-09-09

Like contest little more strategical

Posted by Prashant Chaudhary 2017-09-09

Very nice game

Posted by Sib Prasad 2017-09-09


Posted by Sasha Zahnd 2017-09-09

It is a awesome game I love it so much

Posted by Super Hero Haseena 2017-09-09


Posted by Ch Fe 2017-09-09

Fix the game

Posted by drajitji 2017-09-09

This is a very good fighting game

Posted by Stev The Man 2017-09-09

Love this game. Download it. I think it's awesome that you can have like go Optimus or movie Optimus and things like that.

Posted by Paul Mones 2017-09-09

This is a awesome game!I like it! :)

Posted by Karen Burns 2017-09-09

It's ok but well it will not let me in the second story

Posted by Shaun Caster Troy Duria 2017-09-09

It has good graphics and nice to play that's all

Posted by Kelly Watterson 2017-09-09

It's really love your game

Posted by 2017-09-09


Posted by aadil mughal 2017-09-09

Realy udictive and AMAZING sound track overall no bugs such a good game

Posted by Ralph Gamer 2017-09-09

I can't even play it I start the game and it says that there is an error I uninstalled and installed it 3 times and it does the same

Posted by Keith Sarabia 2017-09-09

Love it

Posted by Stacy Nelsen Vasquez 2017-09-09


Posted by Andrew Weiss 2017-09-09

This game is fun and easy to master.

Posted by DIS NIGGA_STRIDER 2017-09-09


Posted by The Beast Ray gaming 2017-09-09


Posted by Raju Bist 2017-09-09

Super HD grafics

Posted by Randy Abel 2017-09-09

Super great

Posted by ppb productions 2017-09-09

It's awesome

Posted by Jakob Cyr 2017-09-09

No individual comments it's a good game great job

Posted by Empirebiscut Master 2017-09-09

Awesome 10/10 would recommend

Posted by 2017-09-09

This is an update on this review on my thoughts on the game thus far. This game is great overall for the past month since I installed it but there are several factors that make it irritating; particularly the raid system: the deal with it is that you can expect to be attacked within the duration of the time it takes for all your raid tickets to regenerate and if you're about to finish any fights you can expect to be attacked by someone, also if you can successfully raid one player out of three then chances are that someone else will undo your only raid and with the addition of the raid roster giving you players who are more powerful than you almost every time and in some cases give you the same powerful player you know you can't raid again. Another issue is the gameplay mechanics: in arenas and raids must your opponent's bot constantly evade and block your attacks while they utterly pummel you along with a tip in the load screen saying that you can heavy attack your opponent while they're cornered being false. Lastly the expectations of getting a three star bot in crystals that can grant them are little to none as you will commonly receive either bots you'll never use or duplicates as well as the slow pace it takes for earning energon for overpriced items that are up to 3x or more than what you earn. Had it not been for these issues I would have rated this game higher and given it a more positive review. And in conclusion if you plan to install this game prepare to grind for several weeks or more to attempt to get a powerful bot and prepare to be attacked by someone while your raid tickets regenerate while also losing more than you earn.

Posted by 2017-09-09


Posted by KING AJ 2017-09-09

It's awesome that's all adjust love transformers so this is the best thing I could have found thx

Posted by 2017-09-09


Posted by Kerry Freeman 2017-09-09

This game is sick n it's great

Posted by Ch. Matu Ram College of Education 2017-09-09

Bekar ha

Posted by Ravi Pilania 2017-09-09


Posted by 2017-09-09

I never even got to play would never log in

Posted by Nitin Singh Ahluwalia 2017-09-09

I am fan of transformers it's probably nice

Posted by 2017-09-09

Super robotic moves

Posted by Deepak Kumar 2017-09-09

its an game

Posted by Hari Chand 2017-09-09

Baddest game ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by 2017-09-09

Ready for dead

Posted by 2017-09-09

This is the lord of the games

Posted by 2017-09-09

It is to hard to get e ntergon

Posted by DarkLord 13 2017-09-09

Its an amazing game

Posted by soham soham 2017-09-09


Posted by fadly fahmy 2017-09-09

This bot Ratchet is akupancer doctor

Posted by 2017-09-09


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Calling all Autobots and Decepticons!

Join Optimus Prime, Megatron, and your favorite Transformers characters in the exciting new action-fighting RPG that brings the heroic storytelling and spectacular robot-vehicle action from 30 years of Transformers history to your mobile device!

Master responsive touch controls in intense one-on-one combat, form mighty alliances and battle against others in a beautiful world of stunning 3D graphics and epic scale. With heroic characters under your command, become the ultimate Transformers leader, and battle for supremacy in a world that is “More Than Meets the Eye.”

●Collect and control iconic robots from the entire Transformers universe, including the animated TV series, toys, comics and blockbuster films
●Battle other players in intense, 1v1 combat with ranged fire, destructible terrain, huge 3D arenas and devastating robot-vehicle attacks
●Experience an epic world rendered in stunning 3D graphics
●Discover an all-new, original Transformers story with classic heroes and villains
●Create a gauntlet of robots and defenses to protect your base from other players
●Set away teams and launch raids on enemy bases for loot and rewards
●Team up with your friends, forge alliances and battle other players in global events

Roll Out!

TRANSFORMERS is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2017 Hasbro. Licensed by Hasbro. TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight software © 2017 Kabam, Inc. Developed by Kabam. All rights reserved.

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